Helping creative entrepreneurs and non profit organizations share their gifts with the world with our graphic and web design services!

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You can get a DOLLAR back
but you can't get back a day.

Have you ever tried to save a few dollars by trying to create a logo yourself or even a website?

How many hours did it take you to learn the software?

Pretty sure it didn’t look like you envisioned?

Money you can get back. Time will never return itself back to you. So don’t waste it trying to save a few dollars when you can save the most important thing in life we have which is time!

Giftshare Graphics is a graphic and web design company located in Charlotte, NC. Our goal is to help busy creative entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations save time by providing them the marketing tools and services they need so they can focus on what they do best which is CREATE AND GIVE!

You have a story to TELL
Stop thinking about it.... AND WRITE THE BOOK!

Are you stuck writing your book or maybe have not put the pen to paper because you don’t know where to start? Check out our solutions to help authors write, print and publish their testimonial books. 

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